Logic and a Reminder to Write

This domain is my oldest possession. I was 12, I think, when my parents purchased a few dozen hours of monthly internet access for me. Back then, for me, Karachi summers consisted of two things: playing cricket and waiting for Netscape Navigator to load Yahoo chatrooms. It was then that I convinced my father to let me purchase this domain. What followed was lot of random writings ā€“ some teenage thoughts, some copy-pasted nonsense, lots of gifs, midis and an ever switching website themes. At some point, the family moved to America and the web-hosting, layout, and terrible writing switcharoo continued.

Then, I grew a little older, started doing things to pay the bills, and the writing stopped. Probably for the best.

This evening, I remembered a course from freshmen year: logic. I remember very little of what was taught. Well, I remember the word syllogism but don't remember what it means. But I do remember the professor one day saying that he has maintained a diary for the last 20 some years. You could give him any date, and he could, he claimed, tell you exactly what he was up to. I'm now the age that the professor was then, and I couldn't even tell you what I did earlier this week. Now, what I do is not important. And it's not really my intent to bore you with the details of my daily life. Hell, even I'd be bored reading too much about myself.

But logic dictates that I at least write something; at least that's what I think my professor wanted me to remember. So here we are.

I'm no longer in Karachi. I have no physical skills left to play cricket. But, I can write, right? So I suppose I will. About what? Who knows. Not me, that's certain. And that's a syllogism.

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